Monday, February 10, 2020

Change of Social Status of women in society Essay

Change of Social Status of women in society - Essay Example The norms differ culture to culture and religion to religion, however no religion in the world commands degradation of any sex physically or psychologically. The underscore of this dissertation is the story "Another evening at the club" by Alifa Rifaat (1983), revolving around a Muslim girl. The writer skillfully uses the body language and gestures to illustrate the traditions and customs of the family therefore highlighting male dominance in the content. It is an excellent example of women being influenced by men, the role changes from father to husband but the prejudice is intact. The society is constructed of cultural norms, traditions and religious beliefs, illustrating a concept of specific roles for men and women, which are widely accepted often unconsciously. All such principles governing the society, often enforced through social institutions like schools, families and workplaces accentuate ascendancy of men over women. In many areas there is no concern regarding womens education, civil rights, the girls are married off young to men double their ages. Families bearing multiple daughters feel indebted to any suitor that might come to them, especially ones that are not financially secure. As depicted in the story where the suitor asserts a dowry priced in accordance to the young girls beauty. The girls family is showed to be obliged by his gesture. According to the article Social Status of Women (ch.2) such practices are common in various communities; a bride price system quite similar to the dowry system is present in areas of Western hills and Indo-Arya n communities. Similarly another custom called Tilak; in which the brides price is conferred and presented to the grooms family before marriage, is practiced in the Maithili communities of Western Terai. In earlier times the dowry used to consist of simple household supplies and clothes, however in recent times the trends are

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